Monday, October 21, 2013

Aquatic Lizard

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  1. Hey Kyle! Looking pretty sweet with the lighting and materials coming together. Something to watch for across all three images - the left and right border. I can see the red and green channel shifting. You're going to want to crop it a bit to fix that glaring band of pixels. Also, for your Chromatic Aberration, you only want to shift the red and green two pixels in the opposite direction, looks like you did more than that and it starts to instead create a bloom look on the edges rather than a lens focusing effect. The bottom render looks GREAT on that far horn, really convincing with the lens blur adjusting the spec!

    Overall critique on the materials - I still feel they are a bit too plastic looking. Which may in fact not even be the material itself but the polypaint. The polypaint might need some more subdermal texturing before you airbrush in the blues and greens of the skin tone. I find that the perceived majority of a creatures skin color can actually make up less of the true range of colors. So in other words, to make it feel blue you can use less blue and more reds and yellows under the surface. Creating a layered effect and over layers of painting it becomes the desired skin tone. I'll do a demo on this tonight, please remind me!


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