Friday, October 4, 2013

Blog Guidelines

Hey hey everyone!

So to adjust a few things with our class, which happens to be split, I decided it would be best to have all homework posted to the blog here.

Many of you are familiar with this layout, I know other instructors prefer it for their classes. Honestly it works rather well, but the primary goal here is to have longer lasting feedback on the net for you as well as giving both of us (Jason and Kurt) a way to give you feedback throughout the week! So... Win win win.


What can you post?

Work in progress shots looking for feedback -
Wip images need to be marked as such in the title of the post.

Final Homework Assignments -
All your homework is due on the same day, before 7:15pm Monday night. So make sure you got your final images up before then.

How will the critiques work?

Glad you asked! Both instructors will be providing you feedback here on the blog in the comments after you post images. Might take a little time on some days, but the goal is to provide everyone some feedback throughout the week as you turn in your work. Students are free to leave comments as well! So don't be shy.

Will we still get feedback in the Livestream?

Absolutely! But it will be more broad and dealing with things the entire class can benefit from. The hope here is to keep everyone more engaged and interested as the hours go by with some exciting demos that will go beyond the technical aspects. Here's hoping.


Bottom line is - the sooner you get your work in the sooner you get feedback. The more often you post and keep the blog alive, the more you get in return. Thats it! Happy sculpting all, we will talk more about it this coming class. I will be accepting homework here on the blog as well as through email as we've done the past weeks, until we are all converted to this new system. Thanks for being understanding and feel free to email with questions!

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