Monday, October 21, 2013



  1. It looks like there are some cool things going on with your sculpt, but I just can't see it. I've looked at this on my mac display at home, and couldn't read it. Viewed on the cintiq at home, and still couldn't. Thinking my rig isn't calibrated right (which had me a little scared), I looked at this on two monitors at work and still can't see. Hidden in darkness! Don't let your work get lost in the background and dim lights.

    But looking across the two renders, the top one is the strongest just because it has some form to it. The lighting in the bottom image is destroying the cast shadows and form by being so direct, with conflicting red under lighting(?). Too much working against itself. Keep it simple, clear, and consistent.

    1. Sounds good, I'll be fixing the lighting etc. so it isn't so dark and that it is easier to see. The look was just really attracting to me O.o I'll be fixing it so it is more clear!

    2. I just realized that the collaboration on my computer is off, so it actually looks brighter on mines O.o


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