Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Hello, my name is Jared Jones and I am a former student of Kurt's.  He has requested that I share some of my work done for his class as well as my own zbrush explorations.  Below are examples of work done for his class as well as some of my own sketches.  Before his class I had zero experience with zbrush so hopefully this will help motivate some of you to see just how far you can get under his direction.  The most important thing I learned early on is to never be afraid to start over, do not force a sculpt that you have no interest in or feel is weak.

If anyone has any questions about zbrush or would like some additional assistance outside of class feel free to email me at  I will make no guarantees to responding to emails in a timely manner but if I have time I will do my best to help. If it is urgent I will try to get to you asap.

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