Monday, October 28, 2013

Justin Schut Final Concept/References

Reimagined Abominabl snowman
-More creature/less man
-ice shards infused with his body
Does it have to be bi-pedal?

Some sketches. Still trying to find what I want exactly. 

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  1. Great sketches! It doesn't necessarily have to be bipedal, the requirements were hard surface, organic, and cloth. Try adding some intelligence to the character, some kind of travel packs? Something.. Right now there isn't anything that says this is a re-imagined abominable snowman, but it is a cute fantasy creature. I wouldn't lock yourself into the snowman idea, because what you have is cooler, just add things to him to give the character more story. Block it out and I can give some more feedback, or provide additional sketches if you want more feedback on the design! Love the direction of the style though, yes to those things.


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