Monday, October 21, 2013


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  1. Hey Neta!

    Looks like there is a bit of a halo effect around the render of the sculpt from the Filters. You can cut that off by using the Masking slider on the filters, but typically that comes from the Radius slider being pushed to a higher value. And the result is conflicting filters bleeding essentially.

    The material has a plastic/blinn look to it, which comes from the specularity values and the way the shadows are working. Using Wax modifiers on your materials will help give that SSS look with low costs.

    Another reason you are seeing the halo effects around your model could be from the Chromatic Aberration that you did in Photoshop. It looks like the red and green channels have not only been shifted to the left and right, but also up and down? And it's blurring some of the things that are close to us, like the edge of the plaque. You want to use that for the areas furthest away from us only. UNLESS you are blurring only the elements closest, you need to chose where it is going and stay consistent. For the sake of showing your sculpt you would most likely push that to the back.

    The textures could use more love in the polypaint after the adjustments to the materials. More photo work in there so the airbrushed flat look isn't overpowering the final result.

    And finally, another thing that is really standing out to me is the harsh line separating the wood plaque from the character. It looks as though each element is focused differently, which breaks the illusions of it being a photograph of a sculpt.

    The careful sculpting around the eye looks great though, I noticed a lot of improvement with this guy, but keep pushing forward on your presentation and begin imitating some of the top row artists out there in your material work and texture.


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