Monday, October 21, 2013

Phillip Zhang WK7

And when the mask opens...

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  1. Hey Phillip!

    Color choices turned out to really work for this character. The thing that bugs me the most with him is his torso anatomy. More reference to get that down.

    The mask opening and closing idea is cool, but it might be such a subtle change that I wouldn't have noticed it unless you had that text in your post. I just figured we were looking under the character a bit more to see the face and eyes from a different perspective. But I did notice the horns are a different shape and of course the polypaint differences. But I never assumed it was a different state the character was in, just a work in progress shot or something along those lines.

    I made mention of some things live during the class - render settings were the big one that I recall. Keeping the blur consistent and not forcing it in a place it doesn't belong just for the sake of depth.

    Overall well done sculpt, looking forward to the next thing!


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