Monday, October 21, 2013

Sarin Moradkhanian - Week 8

EDIT: Added some drool, though the results are... mixed.

I took like a million render shots for whatever reason... and then bumping up the blur on orton produced this monstrosity. I remembered the blush marks this time; I spent five whole minutes on this and for that I apologize.

"I hope Knifehead-Sempai notices me at Kaiju-School today!"


  1. "Se-Senpai!"

    "You have done well Kaiju-San."

    Alright lets see here. I think the depth of the render could be pushed with filters like Fade (set to depth 1 and adjust depth a and b), and also just good ole Photoshop trickery. Not tons, but something to push the more dynamic shots into the next dimension. I think now looking at this one with the final lighting and materials, it's suffering from the same thing Kyle's is with the skin. It's always hard to tell the outcome until the materials and lights are on it. So sometimes I go back and make those adjustments when needed.

    Some extra touches like drool, and spit would be cool. And I think the material of the tongue looks a little metallic, over a wet tongue look. To remedy this, you could use wax modifiers on your material (try not to go too high with the value), a Red filter set to Fresnel -1 and low power value, aaand for the material make the spec very sharp and high in strength. Something like that.

    All food for thought, this looks good for now :). Kaiju-San.

  2. Thanks for the advice, Kurt! I'll try to go back and fix it, I figured out the lighting sort of and managed to get Depth of field in photoshop working a bit, but editing materials sort of escapes me still ;__;


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