Monday, October 28, 2013

Zach Carlock - Week 8 - edited

Here's my homework for this week.

I spent a lot of my time just figuring out how this character would move, so i settled on action figure-like joints. Not all of them twist, and the major posable parts (shoulders, hips, wrist, ankles) are connected via ball & socket joint. The knees and elbows will be much more rigid in terms of maneuverability. This in turn gives my character more of a jenky old-timey feel, which is sort of what I'm aiming for here. The body in this drawing isn't how it will look in the end, I'm still figuring out the rest of the design.

Also, here is the base sculpt for my character's head.

More concepts from this week. I think I'm going a little too in depth :x


  1. Hey Zach! My only concern is it's too much Canti, I would like to see you spend less time figuring out the engineering of it and more time on the design and how your Canti would be different. Also, textiles, fabrics, soft forms with the props. These are needed still. More feedback as your design is finalized and your proportions blocked in!

  2. Yeah, nothing is wasted or anything, if it helps you then it's worth the time. But a lot of the really technical details like this can be figured out in 3d. Right now I wouldn't say these are design concepts, more like dissection blueprints as you take apart the Canti toy. Pull back from your close up investigation of toy design, and think about the big picture and how you can make your own tv robot head character cooler than Canti.


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