Monday, October 21, 2013

Zach Carlock - WK7

Here are my final renders!

And here's a detail shot on my plaque:

Hey Zach! Here's some notes I made. Cool idea, good execution, these are things to think about next time. Bottom line is, don't rush these little things, they take a lot of time :)


  1. Haven't forgot you Zach! I'll post a paintover later today :)

  2. thanks kurt! I think I'm a long ways away from effectively recreating fur, or at least a non-poopy clumpy type of fur for that matter haha. There's really no way I'd draw the fur this clumpy, so i don't know why i did it like that in the sculpt. but no worries! my next zbrush character is gonna be awesome and i think yer gonna like what i got cookin up in my sketchbook for it


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