Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25

I'm not happy with how much I've done this week, I can't figure out folds, and I'm feeling lost on the design entirely. In-depth feedback would be nice.
Also I misunderstood some instructions regarding a Paintover last week, hence the mess that was my coloring project that was not a good use of time.


  1. Hey Molly, the design was something you settled on weeks ago and we are really past that at this point. Which part of the design are you lost on exactly? The paint over you did last week could be helpful next week when we start texturing but you still have a lot to do for the actual sculpt. The colors you put down in Photoshop can be your guide later. Only constructive thing I can say is stop painting on it, start sculpting it. It hasn't progressed in weeks, and I see in this screenshot you are drawing over it with values of grey but they don't seem to be doing anything constructive. Sculpt sculpt sculpt.

  2. You keep talking about adding more detail and I'm pretty sure I don't have "enough" by the standards required of this class; I'm terrible at sculpting folds, and I'm painting over it because I can't sculpt quickly.

  3. You're right, the form isn't ready for detail. That was supposed to be completed by this point. And unfortunately painting over it doesn't count. If it helps you then great, but what I need to see is the results of how it helped you in the actual sculpt.

    I think you are confusing form for detail. Remember there are major, medium, and minor forms. Then detail. Detail being small information like skin pores clothing fabric, cuts, dings, etc.

    At this point, you have a lot of catchup to do with your model. The forms need to be sculpted and finalized, zremeshed, and sculpted with subdivisions. We start texturing next week and it needs to be close to ready if you are to have a chance for finishing in time for the final. Besides the feedback and lessons I can give via the net, and Jason's help in class, I recommend you look at as many additional tutorials on sculpting basics as you can, and possibly seek tutoring.


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