Monday, November 11, 2013

Miriam Villegas - Week 10

I encountered issues as I progressed today. For some reason when I symmetried, instead of just using one half of the model, I think it's using both halves and is just overlapping them on top of one another so when I try to sculpt it gives me a hard time, its so strange. I also encountered issues with the hands. I had a hard time trying to sculpt them.

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  1. Hey there Miriam! I know we talked about the symmetry issues already. But if it helps, to do the hands you could use those IMM brushes I've mentioned from BadKing and the insert multi mesh repository on ZbrushCentral. Will help get things started. The proportions are looking okay, the arms might be a little short, so factor that in when you get the hands on there. Once you got the hands blocked in, get moving on those clothes :D


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