Monday, December 2, 2013

Augustus Allen - Progress


Spent time fighting with other assignments and issues related to memory bugs. Namely the annoyance of using Insert Mesh Cylinder as a hole-puncher. Starts to crash the program at a certain point.

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  1. Hey Augustus! SOunds like your geometry count must be very high if that's the case. Remember when you are done with a subtool's overall form (as close to final as you can get), to ZRemesh and project any details you hope to salvage. So your sub tools are low and manageable. Then with subdivisions add your detail.

    Feedback for the sculpt is that there are still large areas being neglected like the hood. Your folds are looking really strong, they just need a little contrast of hard edges. For example a typical gravity fold consists of a hard side and a soft side. Soft sides are usually the underside of the fold, facing the gravity or the pull. Where the harder side thats sharper is the top, or the bowl of the fold. Adding this to your work will help take your sculpt to another level of realism you might be looking for as right now it all feels very soft. Also start thinking about materials, and how you plan on sculpting textural details into your subtools.


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