Monday, December 9, 2013

Augustus Allen - Progress

Things are coming along at a decent pace.

The idea here- in regards to color: I wanted to make the color tones cold (like death) for everything EXCEPT the gauntlet- which is being pushed towards a warmer tone.

I'm still refining minor details. I've been having issues with the Invert Insert Cylinder. I was trying to punch holes in the mesh, and it would crash. This kept hindering the completion of the bird skull, and I had to manually crush the faces and Dynamesh them to create holes. But that's about it.

My main concern at the moment is the wings. I created 3 feathers at higher divisions in order to just draw one out and move it. However- about 3-5 feathers turns into 1 million poly's and zbrush crashes instantly. What I'm trying to figure out is- how do I make feathers that are in a finished or a less time consuming state, whereas I can just polish them and be done?

Should I have the feathers pre-painted? Or just brush stroke over them towards the end?

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