Monday, December 2, 2013

Jaime Stagg _ProgressW13 Updated

Hope everyone had a nice break, I didn't get as much time as I wanted but here is my progress.
Here's a pass on color, still working, of course :)


  1. Looking boss Jaime! Love this character, the amount of detail and over ally design. The symmetry on the back of the tail is killin it though, take some time to resculpt it and make that area unique. The sides of the tail can still be symmetrical with the center line being less of a pattern. Also I think the hands are supposed to be covered by thick leather gloves, but right now it just feels unfinished and kind of like balloon hands. Hands are real important to the viewer no matter their skill level, and will tune into it. Possibly deeper creases, leather texture and wear, things like that. But she's coming along! Can't wait to see her textured

  2. I'm on it, thanks for the feedback!


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