Monday, December 2, 2013

Justin Schut wk13

Having trouble with the fur. I keep going back and forth trying to find the in-between natural looking and soft fur with stylized, not messy. 

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  1. Hey Justin! Yeah in some spots (elbows) the fur is working. The tail looks like it's covered in scales though. Fur is just like anything else, sculpt the major flow of the fur in large clumps, then define the medium shapes within the clumps, down to the fibers. It will take some time, and there are ways you can get by with just indicating fur in a stylized way, check around for some other artist's renditions on zbrushcentral and cghub and you will see what I mean. Practically any animation character maquette will have a style to it, copy what they do to get a better understanding. You are real close with it, I think the tail is the biggest issue right now. Also don't neglect the other areas of the character!


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