Thursday, December 19, 2013


Thanks for the class Kurt! I definitely learned a lot (: zBrush is so much fun!!! 
Have a great winter break!!!


  1. FYI: The graphics on my comp is much darker, so for a few of my images I made lighter so it can be visible on your screen. My computer screen calibration is all off D:

  2. Hey George! This guy came out awesome, he has really fun shapes about him. The lighting in the two are okay, the strongest being the final image. But the materials are a little overbearing and bright. I think to fit the grungyness of the character and amount of noise on the metal, you should texture it to be corroded and aged. Beaten metal with rust kind of look. The butt of the pants could use more sculpting time, but overall you did a fine job on this character. Glad you had a good semester in the class, keep sculpt! Sounds like you will :)


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