Monday, October 28, 2013

Field Leisner

The tencals are just place holders. Im gonna sculpt them straight out.

Colson - Character Project

messy concept:

zbrush so far:

Justin Schut Final Concept/References

Reimagined Abominabl snowman
-More creature/less man
-ice shards infused with his body
Does it have to be bi-pedal?

Some sketches. Still trying to find what I want exactly. 

Ref Board and Concept Sketch (Not finalized)

 The first image would be more of my aim.
Here is a guy I sketched that I want to use. I may be taking out some objects because there is a lot going on on the lower half of his body and altering his upper body (make bigger) so he can look more tanky. 

Miriam Villegas

My character is a temple gaurdian humanoid Fu Dog. Originally I planned on giving him an actual Fu Dog face, but now im considering just cereating it as if it were a golden mask, with a more humanoid face underneath. He will have a very muscular body and a lot of sculpted hair around his head and possibly along his arms.

Cian, Creature Character Sketch.

my character is Balor of the Baleful Eye, a Giant from Irish Mythology who was the king of an island in Scotland and had to keep one of his eyes covered most of the time because it was something of a death ray.

Molly P. Project Concepts

Originally, I was going to use an original character of mine for this project. I started working on him in Zbrush, but he seems a bit plain, simple, and lumpy... and I didn't really want to work on him.

 So, instead, I'm going to do my best to create a "Fire Nation" version of Thresh from League of Legends. I know the sculpt looks a bit ugly right now but I'm going to get as much anatomy help as I can with him...!

Final Project concepts

I'm trying not to rush into sculpting as it is usually how i fuck things up, jumping in too quickly.

Along with this sheet I have a bunch of Rhino Skin, Armadillo skin, and all the animals I could think of that have a "shell" of super tough skin. This is because the shell is looking better when it looks like it is part of the guys anatomy. IDK. Still trying to flesh out exactly what I want to do.

Character reference

Sarin Moradkhanian - Ataraxia

Zach Carlock - Week 8 - edited

Here's my homework for this week.

I spent a lot of my time just figuring out how this character would move, so i settled on action figure-like joints. Not all of them twist, and the major posable parts (shoulders, hips, wrist, ankles) are connected via ball & socket joint. The knees and elbows will be much more rigid in terms of maneuverability. This in turn gives my character more of a jenky old-timey feel, which is sort of what I'm aiming for here. The body in this drawing isn't how it will look in the end, I'm still figuring out the rest of the design.

Also, here is the base sculpt for my character's head.

More concepts from this week. I think I'm going a little too in depth :x

Augustus Allen - Week 08

Initial block-out. Going to use alot of individual bones and parts for the final design.

Only face, neck, clavicle and hands will be revealed as bone.


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Jaime Stagg - Inspiration/idea

I want to sculpt a prospector-wolf creature. Started the sketch in zbrush, I also want to give her a tail, forgot to add that. But that is the basic silhouette.

Caroline Scarbro - Reference Page

Mr. Rumpert

Where is Mr. Rumpert?  Mr. Rumpert was looking for a mystical herb that grows in the deep forest of Gerdnan.  He was suppose to be back a few days ago but no one has seen him back at his cottage yet.

Here is my block in so far!

Valentin_Kyle_Initial reference and thoughts

Here are some initial thoughts on my concepts, and just a quick zbrush sketch with some notes

Friday, October 25, 2013

Zach Carlock - initial character concept + inspiration


The character I'm doing for the next assignment is a robot bounty hunter based off of "Canti" from the  awesome show FLCL. Seeing as how this concept is a mix between hard surface & cloth sculpting, this character will definitely be a huge challenge for me.

He's an older character of mine, so I'm currently revamping his design in my sketchbook.
I'll update this post soon with the rest of my concepts!