Monday, November 25, 2013

cian, progress

Colson - Week 12

Still addin' the ropey bits... But after that I'm gonna start detailin' and refining folds.

update: errgghhh

Justin Week12

Miriam Villegas Week 12

I went back and redid my pieces. Still have to finish the hair too, trying a different style out.

week 13??

I'm never going to remember what week it is because I'm in denial that we only have about 3 solid weeks left after Thanksgiving.

Also, her claws are going to be turned into straight up knives and aren't going to stay so blobby, but uhhh I'll try to get to that tonight.

Augustus Allen - Progress

I'm still refining the feathers so that I can just insert them. Likewise with everything else- polishing and correcting the forms.

Field Leisner Progress


Theres a lot of work to do I tried doing a lot of the work in 3dsmax last week and it didn't really work out since I was trying to concept while I was working. But Im going to rough reall quick and then go back into max and go back in forth more I guess. I changed a bunch to the monster too. Im going to do an alnighter tonight so ill post again around 3pm.

November 25

I'm not happy with how much I've done this week, I can't figure out folds, and I'm feeling lost on the design entirely. In-depth feedback would be nice.
Also I misunderstood some instructions regarding a Paintover last week, hence the mess that was my coloring project that was not a good use of time.

Valentin Kyle_what week is this?

Jaime Stagg_Progress_W12

And here's her pet:

Caroline Scarbro Clothes Progress

Monday, November 18, 2013


Colson - Week 11.. 12??

Justin Schut Week 11

Zach Carlock WK11

Still blocking in my main shapes.
Putting liquid inside of my character's helmet was a cool idea, but i can't quite get it to look like there's liquid inside. Maybe its just in the materials I've selected, but it just kind of looks hazy to me

Sarin Moradkhanian Week 11???

The arms still feel super wobbly, but I changed the legs and fingers to match the concept more. I'm really torn over the hands, though, do I keep RIBBON FINGERS or go with the more threatening claws? Ahhhhh.

Also I sat in on one of Gavin's classes and they were doing POKEMON for one hour warmups and I was SUPER JEALOUS so I did an absol and he made fun of me for it a lot.

Miriam Villegas Week 11

Kyle Valentin

I had a few problems with the breasts so I had to re-dynamesh it and it closed up the fingers, but I have a pair of hands that are ready to go, and will clean up the chest area. The rest is what I have so far and some more ideas and what not

Caroline Scarbro - Mr. Rumpert - Clothing Progress

Here is my progress for the clothes for Mr. Rumpert and some of his accessories.
I also sent you an e-mail with my file with some issues that I was having while sculpting.

Cian, Progress


Wilder Marinics Queen

Nov 18