Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Alex Gonzalez Week 05 HW

Gross slug man creature!

Joo Son Homework Week 5

Sal Coria Week 5 WIP

Revamped on Gavin's suggestion to fit better in this characters assignment's world. WIP.

Andrew Erickson Creature Block In

Nick Williams - Homework Week 5

Oops, accidentally uploaded the wrong one.
Fixed it.

David Heidhoff Week 5

In Class:

Samantha Russo - Lil man

Field Little Dude Progress

Matthew McKeown - Week 5

Daniel Clesi

Ashley Lewis HW

Coleman Quimby Wk 5

Nicole Chang Wk5?

 Also did a sweet muscle study on him. Hes ripped man.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sal Coria_Week 4

Matthew McKeown - Week 4

David Heidhoff Wk4

Samantha Week 4 Posed Creature HMWK

Ashley Lewis Homework

Joo Son Week 4

Coleman Quimby - Wk 4

Alexander Gonzalez- Week04 Bust

Daniel Clesi Week 4

Andrew Erickson Creature Bust

Nick Williams - Week 4



Painted and Posed

Nicole Chang Wk4