Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Nicole Chang Midterm

Andrew Erickson's Creature Dude Final

Field Leisner Wk8

David Heidhoff Week 8

with some decals

Daniel Cesi Final Creature

Coleman Quimby Week 8

Ashley Lewis Homework

Nick Williams - Sir Walter Rumblebottom II: Intergalactic Space-Walrus

Matthew McKeown - Week 8

Alex Gonzalez Creature Week...8?

Joo Son Week 8

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Alex Snow - Slug dude

Matthew McKeown - Week 7

samantha russo week 7

David Heidhoff Wk 7

Joo H. Son Week 7

Ashley Lewis HW

Nick Williams - Character

Sir Walter Rumblebottom III: Intergalactic Space Judge Walrus.

Alex Gonzalez- Week07- Hard Surface Character

Coleman Quimby Week 7

Andrew Erickson's Creature Dude: Week 7

Daniel Clesi (Week 7)

Samantha Russo (Week 6)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Daniel Clesi

Andrew Erickson's Creature Dude With Tech

Nicole Chang Wk6

Alex Snow homework hard surfaces

Definitely learning alot.  Still feeling behind, but also feeling closer to where I should be.  Unfortunately I ran into an issue where I couldn't review last week's cast, so I couldn't quite remember how exactly the clotheing details were handled, so I've been improvising.  Still working away at this.

Ashley Lewis hw

Ill get a back shot uploaded soon Im having PC problems. 

Sal Coria Week 6

Update. Hard Surface WIP. Running a bit Behind.

David Heidhoff Wk6

In Class update

Alex Gonzalez- Week 06 Creature